Monday Logfile Analysis and Dyno info

I found SpeedTek, which is reasonably close to home, has several dyno pull packages, including the “Solo Power Pass”, which is basically 6 pulls in 2 hours with owner tuning time between pulls, for $100. I have sent an email asking about dyno testing a trike.

As for the log, what I know how to interpret looks good. Shrug….

The most obvious “problem” is the MAP pulsing. Standard deviation (assuming that is the right statistical tool) is 3.18 for a 15 second period of idling. The MAP needle on the MegaTune gauge jiggles, as do values tied to it, like injection pulsewidth and X-Tau correction and ignition advance. I think it might be easier to tune if this signal is smoothed out some.

At this point, the vacuum signal is taken from one throttle body, which feeds two cylinders. There appears to be only one non-ported vacuum port on the one TB. There are two other vacuum fittings, presumed to be ported, but I will T them together and see what that signal looks like to MegaSquirt.

As a testament to the cooling ability of the air blower, CLT was sitting at 180F after the engine had been sitting for a couple of minutes while I started the log. From the time the engine started until the temperature stabilized at 145F was just 60 seconds, much of it at idle or gentle reving. If water had the same drop, it would go from a cool springtime rain to ice cubes in 60 seconds, so that’s no small bit of cooling.

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