Tuning Results

First, O’Reilly swapped out my bum starter with no quibbles, though he did note that the starter worked fine on his testing machine. Hey, the new one worked well for me tonight, though admittedly, I used it a lot less tonight than last night. [that’s what she said]

I did a bit of reading today and have a better understanding of the tuning procedure. In my previous project, I think the throttle body was so oversized that even basic tuning was essentially unobtainable. In this setup, however, it actually responds to my commands… or at least it’s amenable to some of my suggestions, if it’s not too much trouble.

I loaded the last msq from last night and tweaked on the Injector Control, then reloaded and tweaked on the VE table, then reloaded and tweaked on the Ignition Advance, each seeing what effect I could have.

Oh, and tonight the O2 sensor seems to have regained it’s sanity. I don’t know why it went insane, nor do I know why it regained sanity. That worries me, but for now, I’m happy about it.

In the condition it’s in now, it idles pretty good, though my nose says it’s kinda rich. It revs very nicely. It was complete sputtersville last night. It was lean and massively backfiring below 4000 RPM, but now my testicles retract when the tach gauge in MegaSquirt turns yellow and I see 5400.

Of course, reving in the driveway and running down the street are largely different loads, and it will be a while before I can get on the street and start tuning for a load. I wonder how much dyno time would run?

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