Hey, remember me?

Buzz is dusty, having been left essentially untouched since my last update. We have a trike vacation coming up and I’ve been semi-diligently working on the VW trike. Of course, I’m always planning and plotting to squirt the VW, too, but there’s not time before the upcoming trip. I imagine it will be mid-June before I can get back to tuning on Buzz.

After using the borrowed MIG to fix a couple of things and to make a sissybar for my wife’s new Nightster, I had to return the welder, so I shopped around and bought one of my own. Granted, it’s a Chinese cheapy from Harbor Freight, but thus far, it has done everything I’ve needed it to do.

As mentioned back in late January, I purchased a cylinder head from the same engine as Buzz, the intent being to use it as a jig for the manufacture of a new manifold. To that end, I’ve been practicing a bit of tube-on-tube welding. I imagine the manifold for the VW will need a bit of that as well.

I have a pretty good idea in my head how I will make Buzz’s manifold, using EMT conduit sizes. Note to self: remove all zinc galvanzing before you weld on that stuff.