Slow Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years, trike-wise…

Except for some planning and shopping for the EFI’ing of the Dragon Trike, it’s been a slow holiday for the trikes.

On December 12, my local BTW chapter had a charity run for Safe Haven in which we delivered a gob of donated stuff to their store then went back to the clubhouse for a fundraiser. Gabby was there for the cookout, but stayed home for the ride because of the cold air, so I had an open seat and arranged to give Flip a ride. The official story is that Flip got cold, so we pulled over to let her warm up. While we were pulled over anyway, I borrowed some fuel from Sammy.

Of course, nobody’s buyin’ it. So, I will likely be adding some form of fuel gauge or other low fuel warning to the trike.

Speaking of such, the Dragon Trike speedo supports a 100 ohm fuel sender and the Kawasaki fuel pump has some kind of sender, though I suspect it’s probably just a low fuel light. Finding a 100 ohm sender has thus far been problematic.

The weather over New Year’s weekend was reasonably warm during the daylight hours, so on New Years Day, I removed a lot of boxes that had been kept for one reason or another but that we’d decided to let go. I took the time to break them down as I loaded them in my truck and that turned out to be a good thing.

On Saturday, I did some stuff, but mostly I procured, cut and painted some shelves I’d promised Gabby for a few years now. It was easy, I just had to stop and do them. By her appreciative reaction, you’d think I had remodeled the entire kitchen. 🙂 After drying overnight, it was a pretty simple matter to install the shelves in two of the cabinets because they already have strips for them, but I will need to clear out the remaining one to add the strips for it, probably tonight.

For the rest of Sunday, I tore back into the carport/driveway. Step one seemed to be to assemble my new tool chest (Santa rocks!) because most of the weather beaten boxes I needed to empty and remove were full of stuff that would effectively go in it. I have repurposed my old tool chest (repainted black since this pic), for hardware, connectors and other supplies, except for paint and other such cans, which fit nicely in the base of the new chest. Along the way, I gathered the parts from a couple of ongoing and upcoming projects and sequestered them into their own weather resistant containers, usually plastic storage tubs. This process generated several full trashbags and quite a lot of cardboard to add to the truck bed. I hope to get all that done tonight after work before it gets really chilly. The temp drops pretty quickly after the great burning orb retreats to the western horizon. Ok, maybe it’s not all *that* cold, but it’s cold enough for me.