A Little Upswing

Well, I didn’t get to attend the SO class. I will try harder to make the next one!

A few of my coworkers and I have begun a lunchtime range trip. Three Thursdays in a row have had us going to three different local ranges. For the last two, I have also attended IDPA matches that evening and I think it has helped. Last night’s match was particularly gratifying. I like all those 0’s and 1’s. In fact, there was a single 3 and all other targets were 0’s and 1’s. Oh, and one procedural for taking a step when I was supposed to be flat footed for those targets. I didn’t even know I did it. ๐Ÿ™‚

At yesterday’s shooty lunch, I was was shooting hot ammo. Power Pistol handloaded 40’s and some bulk 10mm I bought some time ago that are pretty peppery. I need to chrono those someday. Then for the match, I was back to my usual semi-mild 155/165 grain TiteGroup loads. While I didn’t specifically train with big ammo and shoot with lighter, that’s how it worked out. It was quite a confidence booster.

At the match, I had one magazine that didn’t drop free very well. Because I only yesterday numbered my magazines with some skate tape stickers from Dawson Precisionย and I kept track of which ones I was using last night, I know which one it was. I will see what I can figure out, but I suspect it will be a slight burr on the notch where the magazine engages the release.

Having loaded up a good inventory of IDPA ammo, I took time to inventory my reloading components and find that I am in pretty decent shape there. Since I am consuming more 40S&W than anything else, it makes sense to have some extra for components needed for 40. I was gifted with a big heavy bag of 40S&W brass. I haven’t weighed it, but I imagine its in the 10 pound range, which puts it at about 1000 rounds. Add that to the stock I already had and I should be able to practice enough to help. ๐Ÿ™‚

Speaking of practice and chronographing… Begining at about 2:40 into this Jerry Miculek video about a cool shotgun speedloader (interesting in its own right), I noticed a piece of equipment in the background. It seems obvious to me *now* but it had simply not occurred to me that a bullet trap could be sized to be mounted on a trailer. In my mind, a bullet trap small enough to be portable was just a safe area tool and all others were part of a permanent structure, typically an indoor shooting range. Now I want one.

I see a small unit with a 24″ square opening as adequate to my most common need, a safe place to chrono handloads and otherwise test firearms. Other than a lotto win purchase, I think I’ll have to just keep my eyes open for something for sale or make one.