Buzz comes apart!

Well, after a month and a half without working on it, I finally actually started taking Buzz apart for the EFI project…

I took a bunch of pictures that are kind of intended as documentation for reassembly, but some are more interesting.

I knew the bike was far from spotless, but digging into the depths reveals how dirty it really is. Yucky. Flash photography also reveals much grime that my eyes seem to overlook.

The fitting of the throttle bodies to the engine is the biggest question mark at this point. Of large concern is the width of the throttle body assembly. In a quick eyeballing, it looks like the stepper motor for the subthrottles, something I had intended to leave intact for future expansion, may stick out far enough to hit the rider’s right leg. Also, the throttle cable connects to one end of the TB but connects to the center in the stock rack. At the very least, I’ll probably need a longer cable. I may also be able to install it “upside down” to put the throttle on the other end where it may reach better. I also don’t care too much for the single cable arrangement depending on a spring return, though I have not personally ever had one stick open on me.

As for connecting the TB to the engine, the photos will reveal a substantial difference in the carburetor throats, or at least where they have to connect.

I have found silicone reducers in appropriate sizes, ranging from $12 to $22, usually in blue, but sometimes in black, red or other colors. Purple intakes, anyone? Anyway, using a reducer and custom fabricated intake flanges, I think I’ll have the TB mounted very soon.

I have done minimal testing of the fuel pump. It runs and running dry, it pulls a little more than 1A. I really expect that to climb substantially once it’s pushing fluid under working pressure. I hope to test that tonight, for the power budget is still the most likely reason for the project to go south and the fuel pump is the power hog.

I had originally thought I would leave the stock ignition system in place, and I probably still could, but I have picked up an EDIS-4 module for which I need only the ignition coil(s) to complete. I am about 94.7% sure that a 4 tower coil for the EDIS module will fit where the stock coils are, perhaps with room to spare. The biggest questions here are whether the stock VR sensor will pick up my trigger wheel and of course whether a 4″ COTS trigger wheel will fit or if I will have to fabricate one.

I hope to be mounting the controller and most of the components in the space where the airbox was. One problem to solve will be replacing the sidecover mounting studs that were on the airbox. All 4 of them are pretty close to a frame piece, so I think I’ll be able to come up with something for them.

Well, if I get some answers tonight, I will let you know!

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