Quick turbo inspection

I had a slightly slow start, but a productive day.

After welding one of the fenders back on Sponge Bob Square Trike and putting new fishtail ends on Gilbert’s exhaust, which involved replacing the mufflers with straight pipes 🙂 , I spent a few minutes accessing the turbo to see whether or not it’s completely trashed.

At this point, it need cleaning, but looks good.

All I removed was the muffler and the intake duct. As determined by the borescope, the bottom of the intake was full of oil. A bit of oily sludge was still draining out after several minutes.

It appears to be corrosion-free, at least what I can see from here.

I love how tiny this thing is. Here it is, nearly obscured by my index finger.

I turned the impeller manually; it moves nicely, no obvious play. Turning the impeller also raised some more oily sludge from the bottom. It’s not a very efficient lift pump. I will definitely need to remove it for cleaning. I think I will contact Majestic Turbo in Waco and see what it costs to have them check it out.

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