Wed Jun 02, 2010 5:36 pm

There has been little engine work because I need the trike on the road first, and while I did have it on the road briefly, the transaxle exploded, so it’s back in the driveway. I will be getting a replacement transaxle and I hope to have the trike back on the road by this weekend.

In the 15 or so miles I managed to put on it before *that* happened, it ran tolerably. I had troubles getting the IAC stepper to be consistent, so warmup is kinda manual. Once warmed, it has a flat spot off idle, which I kind of expected, but it pulls pretty hard up to about 3000 RPM, where it feels like it leans out. For a set of pretty much default tables, it seems to run ok. Obviously, I will still be tuning on it, but it is drivable now. Well, except for the transaxle sounding like ice cubes in a blender.

Anyone interested in the rest of the build, including lots of pictures, can check out the build at the build blog.

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