Things are Afoot

Tuesday evening, I got to play rescue ranger for a friend who’s dying battery had stranded him. When I got back, I didn’t do much on the trike, not really wanting to do the 15-20 minutes of preparation I generally need to get started when I was only had an hour or so total. I did replace the throttle spring on the yellow trike with a lighter pull spring. I have not yet ridden it with the new spring, but it seems like it will work well and significantly reduce throttle hand fatigue, which is a big issue on that one. I use a cramp buster, but I rest the heel of my hand on it and still have press down to maintain highway speeds.

I digress.

[updated 5/21/2010]
Last night I took a little video of the engine running with a Canon compact digital. The sound and picture are way better than the Blackberry video, taken in the dark with sound apparently set to “extra crappy”, and the new one has no irritating narration.

I also did some work on the handlebars, needed to begin wiring the chassis and body, and I mounted a fuel pressure gauge.

Tonight I have a prior commitment, but tomorrow morning, I pick up the body with new upholstery!

With all these pieces coming together this week, I hope to be able to take it around the block sometime this weekend, at which time I can really begin to tune on the engine.

Speaking of tuning, I heard back from SpeedTek about the dyno thing. The 6-pulls-in-2-hours deal has to be scheduled well in advance. At any given time, they need 2-3 weeks lead time since the pretty much dedicate a technician for 2 hours. There is a chance I may be able to get on the schedule for the week of my vacation in June, but I will probably wait till after that.

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