Long overdue update

The trike has been intermittently road worthy. It spent a LONG time sitting after some clutch trauma that I thought was going to be much much worse. It’s drivable enough to do a little shakedown cruising in a big parking lot….

This shakedown was partly to have fun on the trike after all this time waiting to get it rolling, but also to run out some oldish gas. Sadly, we did a little too good a job at that and I ran out on the way home from this parking lot. My wife went on home on her trike and brought back the truck and a full gas can, but sadly happened to get about the only can that can’t reach the filler, which is under the fender. One of the many tasks left is to add an external filler cap…

I had taken the laptop, but neglected to check it’s state of charge, so I wasn’t able to log any of this driving. I am hoping to get started with that tonight…

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